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Wellbeing & Recovery College - Live and Learn

Hello and Welcome to the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Wellbeing and Recovery College.

Within the Wellbeing and Recovery College we aim to provide recovery-focused education courses that are accessible to everyone within our local communities and work together to create an environment of Hope, Control and Opportunity for us all.


"...let's focus on the humanity we share rather than the diagnosis we do not" - Elyn Saks, TED Talk 2012


We aim to do this by:

  • bringing together professional, carer and lived experience equally to guide all aspects of the college and our courses (co-production)
  • challenging stigma by creating a safe environment where we can learn from each other and recognise each other's strengths and vulnerabilities
  • keeping strong links with our communities
  • supporting and recognising that everyone's wellbeing and recovery is individual
  • focusing on what makes us well
  • being open and accessible to all




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